Custom Designed iPhone Case

MiCase for You!

Tired of Boring iPhone Cases?

Then Stand Out With An Original!

An original piece of art work that is! As an artist, I like to create a “visually stimulating world”, or in others words, I like to create art that has verve. When I looked at my boring iPhone case, I knew it wasn’t very stimulating, so I did something about it, I created my own custom case.

That’s where it started

It wasn’t long after that that people started noticing my case and my phone and asking where they could get one too. Fast forward six months and I found myself selling some very funky cases with the ability for folks to change things up as life moves them.

Each MiCase purchase comes with TWO inserts so you can pick one cool image for daytime and another for night time, or one for weekdays and another for weekends, it’s all up to you!
When you order, simply choose your two favourites and we’ll send them right off!

All for only

Plus $2.95 shipping across Canada

So If You’re Tired of Boring
Order Your MiCase(s) Now!

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