Inspirations are all around me…Click on the artist’s name to see more.

Bruce Head


Bruce has been a long-time friend of the family and a true inspiration in regards to his contemporary art, and his ability to laugh at life.



David Harrison

Not only was David my High School Art Teacher, he has been my mentor and friend for many years.  He kicked my butt into getting serious with my artwork, and is still keeping me in line.


One Response to Inspirations

  1. Toni Head says:

    Hello Karen!
    Thankyou so much for your thoughtful words at my dad’s memorial. Dad lives on in the memories that others have of him. I am so happy that you have been inspired by him. It is an exciting thing to behold a person…and really get who they are. I am missing him and wish that I could just pick up the phone and talk to him.
    We have kept your pick aside… the piece is still available as far as I know. Again, thanks for your contribution in honoring him and for your time with us all.
    Toni Head

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