2011 Kreations

2011 Kreations


This was a busy year for me as I completed 89 paintings!  I had become a member of several art groups and was actively selling my work.  Still playing with new techniques and ideas created a diverse collection of my work, including more landscape type works and even some pieces without my signature dots.

I generally work on many paintings at one time, it can take several months or even years for a painting to be completed.  Sometimes they come about quite quickly but it all depends on when it ‘speaks’ to me and my heart feels it’s done.   As I managed my ever-growing inventory of work it came time for me to re-work some of my older pieces (still taking notes from Bruce’s mentoring), and this year started to see some of those changes as in ‘Life in the Fast Lane’.

I started adding mixed media elements to some of my work including painting on plastic and adding metal to painted panels.  I was learning more and more about technique as well as presentation and framing.   Making sure clients were getting a good quality piece that was archival and ready to display was important.

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