2009 Kreations

2009 Kreations

As I started feeling more comfortable with experimenting with the paint, and was confident that people liked my creativity, things started to change.  I started to take more chances with my work, and push myself in different directions.   I had an opportunity to attend Bruce Head’s show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery as they showed a retrospective of 50 years of his work.  Bruce had been a neighbor when I was little, and I had grown up with his artwork surrounding me not only in his home (across the street) but my home as well.  As I walked the gallery viewing work that he had done from the 60’s and 70’s that I remembered, and continuing through the years to his more current work, my heart began to to sing as I realized the influence his work has had on me.

I spent quite a bit of time talking to Bruce about painting, going through his studio with him.  I loved his enthusiasm and use of hand-made tools.  He shared techniques, and tools with me.  We were like two little kids with our heads together coming up with different textures and ways to use them.  He introduced me to one of his favorite tools…the q-tip, and my dots were born.

Those dots started to make their way into all  my work.  I just couldn’t get enough, and there was something happy and right about this little additions.  I focused on a limited colour palette using orange as the basis for my work.  That was a long stretch since it had never been a colour that I tended to like, but it was growing on me.

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