2012 Kreations

2012 Kreations

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused on one medium or style when there are so many things to try.  Influences from other creative ideas really added to the diversity of my work in 2012.  Dots still seemed to play a major role in my work and different mediums introduced themselves to me.  I created a video of me painting ‘Below the Surface’, and you can find this located under the painting thumbnails.

These new influences came by my sister Jodie who was working hard teaching art to students in Niagara-On-The-Lake.  She is an incredible artist who has devoted many hours to teaching art on a volunteer basis.  She taught me how to Zentangle.  Suddenly my sketchbooks were filling up with pages and pages of doodles that I just couldn’t seem to stop doing.  I of course moved this into larger pen and ink pieces for sale, and a couple of Zentangle like paintings.

Another form of art that I was working on was pressed plant drawings.  These are not highlighted in the gallery here, but in the section called Sidelines.  For years I had been creating small pieces or cards with dried and pressed plants.  This year I moved them to a larger framed format with great success.

And then my friend and fellow artist Terri Heinrichs gave me a few bottles of Alcohol Ink that I started playing with.  They were wonderful to work with.  Fast and flowing, with a need to work quickly…just like I prefer to do.

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