Portrait 8

Welcome to my Gallery.  This is where you can look and see what I’ve been doing each year.  I find it interesting to  see my development as an artist.  Different influences come into my life through people, events, and emotions; and this shows up as you browse through the different years.  Sometimes I try out new things, or work on a series.  Sometimes my work is random as I explore ideas, or drawings from my sketchbooks.

Some of my artwork is re-invented…select  pieces that were completed one year, may be re-worked in a following year into an entirely new piece.  It’s interesting to see the progression there.

As always, a huge influence in my work is my love of found objects that when applied to a piece, they create different textures or brush strokes.   And I am still working on how to add found treasures to my paintings, so you may see more of that in the future.

I recently listened to another artist talk about Abstract Art, and realized I’m right in line with the pure definition of that.  “A piece of artwork that can be viewed by every side”.  Many of my pieces are true Abstracts, while other are more Representational.  She also said that if you work in a series, then you should do at LEAST twelve.  That is a current project I am working through, so look for some bigger series coming up this year.

I’ve set up my galleries for you to browse through, I hope the new format works better…I’m quite pleased with it.  I have several new pieces completed for the 2013 Gallery, but need to get them photographed and ready for this site….watch for that coming soon.