Finishing the Pair!

In 2010 I started a painting one evening.  As I completed what I thought was the first phase of the work, Bill proclaimed that it was done and that I shouldn’t add anything.  Complete in it’s simplicity (one colour!) I agreed to give it a try.  I posted it out to all of you and the vote started.  Although some agreed that I should add to it, most of the feedback was that the piece was finished and it should be sold as is….ummm, it is for sale….’Indigo Convergence’.


Commercial Artwork
Indigo Convergence

But being being stubborn, I still wanted to work further on the piece, so I started a second one…the brother.  It’s been in my studio all this time waiting for me to complete it as ideas on what to do come and go.  But at long last and with a great leap of inspiration I give you the finished piece.  ‘Traveling Outward’ (and, it may not look like it, but there is a dot somewhere in the painting….)

Karen Biko Artwork
Traveling Outward

This piece will have it’s debut showing coming up this weekend and the FrameSource Art show.  You are welcome to come and browse through several artists who will be highligted at this show.  I have many different pieces on display, and will be in attendance for the morning of the opening.


Saturday November 24th, 2012

10am to 4pm

7805 Flint Rd. SE



  1. bob says

    Hi Karen ,
    This is just a quick note to say that i have seen your painting Indigo Convergence in a house that i have just built and i could not take my eyes off it . It is an amazing piece that has to be seen , it feels like it is actually pulling you into the painting . It is a piece i would love to own. Great work


    • says

      Thank you Bob, the house you did is amazing, I was told it’s the largest in-fill in Calgary. I’m not surprised! It’s spacious and has a great modern feel. I was so pleased to be able to showcase some of my larger paintings in such an exclusive location. Indigo Convergence really does have a bit of a hypnotic effect. It is for sale if you are interested.

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